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Monday, September 20, 2010

Facing the Opposition

I have told you in the past about the group I have on Facebook. Recently our fan numbers have skyrocketed to over 5,000. Unfortunately this has also brought with it quite a lot of horrible posts containing inappropriate content and language. Of course, I delete these posts as soon as possible, but I was finding it very discouraging. But then someone will put an encouraging post on the page. I have had more than one husband say something such as, "My wife and have been married for such and such years, and I wish I had saved my first kiss for her. It would have made it so special. Stay strong in your convictions!" I have had more than one mother write, "My children are all saving their first kiss for marriage." These sort of posts are so encouraging to me, and make me believe, once again, that the page is doing some good. And recently someone wrote something that encouraged me the most, "When you are doing the right thing, you are probably going to meet some opposition." So I hope to encourage all of you as well - if you are meeting a lot of opposition, maybe you are doing it right! Stay strong with the strength of the Lord and never give up. =)

P.S. Let's celebrate - this is our 30th post! ;)

~Brooke Reninger


  1. The dark cannot comprehend the light. I for one am thankful that you are such an encourager.

  2. Well, thank you. Lately I've been the one needing the encouraging it seems. But it is working. :)