Ab·i·gail (b-gl): Joy Of The Father

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lessons From the Lord

by Brooke
Well readers, I'm sitting here not exactly sure how I want to write this post. I've had this post in mind for a little while now, and was just waiting for the time to write it.

Recently I feel like God has really been "revealing" things to me. I say revealing, but really I mean "reminding," because they are all things I already knew, but maybe had just forgotten, as we humans tend to do. :) So today I'm going to share some of those things with you.

God has been reminding me to be selfless. Now I can't say that I've ever considered myself to be a extremely selfish person, but lately God has helped me realize that there are many times I could be serving Him and others rather than myself. He reminded me of my own words of advice I gave to a friend, "my life is about serving Him." But am I really living by that philosophy? He's made me realize that many times I'm not. I've been convicted that I need to have a more servant attitude. Even when I have to do a task that I consider less-than-enjoyable, I need to look at it as serving Him. Looking at work from this perspective makes a big difference. Instead of saying, "Well I have to go get to work now," I've been saying, "Well I need to go serve the Lord now." Try it! It will change your attitude.

He's also been reminding me that He knows best, and I just have to be willing to follow his plan. Of course, I know this, sometimes I just tend to forget. Sometimes I can't help wondering or even worrying about things. One of the most common for me, and probably for many other stay-at-home-daughters, is wondering about my future husband and marriage. Quite simply, I want to get married. And sometimes I get tired of waiting. But I know that God's plan is perfect, and I just have to trust in him.

So these are a few of the things I've learned lately. I hope the lessons the Lord has been teaching me can help you as well.

Keep serving Him with all your heart.