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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hate Posts

A few months ago, I created a fan page on Facebook called "Saving Your First Kiss for Marriage." The
intentions of this group were to unite people who had similar beliefs and convictions for the purpose of encouragement, and also that we might be able to get the word out to other people about this philosophy. I was surprised at how quickly it spread! We currently have over 300 fans- in only a few months. Through this page I have learned of so many people who share my beliefs, while in "real life", the number of people I know who believe in saving their first kiss for marriage can be counted on one hand. This has been such a blessing to me, and I hope to others as well. (If you would like to become a part of this group, there is a link at the bottom right of this blog page.)
But recently I have been getting a lot of "hate posts" on the page. People who don't agree with this way of thinking have been going on and sharing their feelings, sometimes to the point of inappropriate material. Obviously this can become very discouraging. But it has done just the opposite for the group! The opposition has spurred the members of the group on- our numbers are increasing every day, and people have been posting on why one should support the belief. There have been so many scriptures and good Biblical, spiritual, mature conversations lately. In face of opposition, the group members have stood up for what they believe in- in a very convincing way! It is very encouraging to see.
One member put it very well when they said that hate posts will not discourage us. It will only make us that more passionate about what we believe, and it will cause us to pray for those who find it necessary to post those hateful comments.
I have chosen not to delete comments only because the commenter does not agree with our viewpoints. That sort of discussion is good and healthy, and do not expect everyone to agree! I do, however, delete comments that contain any inappropriate content. I will continue to keep the page as pure as possible, while still promoting godly discussion.
The members of this group inspire me- I hope that in the future I will remember the lesson they have given me: When faced with opposition, stand strong! No one will sway me from my beliefs! Pray, and never lose heart.

~Brooke Reninger

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  1. It has been an encouragement for me, also, reading the discussions. There are lot's of people who genuinely seek out God's will and his best for them and it's so good to hear their biblical arguments and personal testimonies. Thank YOU for creating this group. It is a big responsibility and also a great ministry opportunity. I encourage you to keep doing what you're doing. Haven't read any of your blogs, but from the description ("...marriage, homeschooling, homemaking, etc.") sounds like you're covering VERY important, key issues, from a biblical perspective. That's a bold thing to do, and it's an encouragement for me to see others doing it! God bless!
    -Sarah Faith