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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fabulous Articles for Unmarried Women

These are MUST READ articles especially for unmarried ladies.  I thought I would post the link to them here.  Always wait on the Lord. Enjoy!

How to Pray for a Husband

Is It My Fault That I'm Not Married?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Giveaway!!!

Hello everybody, Brooke here. I am excited to announce a giveaway! My good friend Hannah, over at A Homemaker's Daughter, is celebrating her 100th post! How exciting! Congratulations Hannah!

Hannah and I recently became acquainted through our blogs and the Stay at Home Daughters Network. I am excited for her success in her blog, and thankful for her friendship. She is giving away some beautiful handmade cards. Hop over to her blog to enter the giveaway.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Songs We Listen To

~ By Tahirah

This morning my Bible reading came from the book of Amos.  I had one of those moments where I saw something I never noticed before.  In chapter 6 God says,

4"Woe to those who lie on beds of ivory
    and stretch themselves out on their couches,
and eat lambs from the flock
   and calves from the midst of the stall,
5 who sing idle songs to the sound of the harp
   and like David invent for themselves instruments of music,
6 who drink wine in bowls
   and anoint themselves with the finest oils,
   but are not grieved over the ruin of Joseph!
7 Therefore they shall now be the first of those who go into exile,
   and the revelry of those who stretch themselves out shall pass away." ESV

All day long I thought about the first part of verse 5.  It made me consider the type of music to which I listen.  I mostly listen to the local Christian radio station but every so often I get on YouTube and check out a video from an artist whose focus is anything but Christ.  While I do not believe in setting up a "doctrine" of acceptable music, I believe this verse asks us to consider our choices of "entertainment" especially in light of our fallen world.  In today's world we can substitute many other idle pass-times  for "idle songs".  We often watch "idle television/movies", play "idle games", and surf "idle websites".  James says in chapter 4 that our lives are like a mist that is here for a little while and then vanishes, and they really are.  On the side of the road I see memorial crosses to young teens and men and women who were killed in car accidents.  It seems weekly there is a death of a celebrity and of course we all know of loved ones and others who have passed on.  We do not have long on this earth, what activities would be acceptable to the Lord?  When we meet the Father will we be ashamed of all the time He gave us that we wasted on pursuits contrary to Him?  Will He say we were more concerned with the latest idle pursuit than with the lost and dying world?  I pray He will change my heart to be more motivated to be about His business, and not wasting His time He gave me pursuing idle songs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Titus 2 Class Notes: Having a Biblical Worldview

It's here! The highly anticipated (maybe), long awaited Titus 2 Class notes! :) These are some of the notes that I took from the class, along with some of the teachers' notes. Obviously it's not as good as actually being in the class, but I hope that you enjoy them.

Date of class: June 12, 2010
Teacher: Brenda Reninger
Topic: Having a Biblical Worldview

Key verses for this topic: Romans 12:2, Colossians 2:6-8, Romans 1:18-23, Psalm 127:4, Proverbs 22:6.

Important points:
  • The class was about having a proper worldview and the importance of instilling that worldview in our children. Each student was given a sample worldview test, based on the Worldview Weekend Worldview Test. You can look into this further at: worldviewweekend.com. The Nehemiah Institute also offers similar tests.
  • Categories that make a worldview: Theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.
  • Worldview is defined as: "How I see the world."
  • The question was asked, "Why are all the young people leaving the church?" Answer for yourself, but we discussed how, perhaps, we are not instilling in them a truly biblical worldview.

Interesting quotes:
  • "Nothing is secular- you must look at everything as sacred."
  • "Look at the world through God, don't look at God through the world."
  • "Ideas rule the world. Ideas have consequences."

Some eye-opening statistics:
  • 70-88% of students from "Christian" homes deny their faith before graduation from college. (barna.org)
  • Only 9% of Evangelicals have a biblical worldview. (barna.org)
  • Instead of preparing their children for life, the vast majority of parents are waiting for social institutions to train their kids. (barna.org)
  • Only 9% of young people under age 24 base their moral choices on the Bible. (barna.org)
  • In 2006, 91% of Evangelical kids said, "There is no truth apart from myself"- that's up from 52% in 1994. (barna.org)
  • Only 33% of churched youth say the church will play a part in their lives when they leave home. (Josh McDowell, 2006)
  • In the 1970's only 5% of 15-year-old girls had sexual intercourse; by 1997 it was 38%. (Columbia University Report, 1997.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Read or Not to Read?: The Twilight Dilemma

Hi everyone, it's Brooke here. If you are anything like me, I'm sure you've noticed our culture's most recent epidemic. Of course I'm talking about Twilight. First the books, now the movies; it seems everyone is talking about it. But, as Christian girls committed to purity, we wonder if we should actually read them.

I have read a few different Christian articles concerning Twilight, but recently found one by Jasmine Baucham that I thought was really good. You can read this article here: http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/for-the-unmarried/eclipse-an-ideal-romance/.

Personally, I have chosen to stay away from the Twilight series. I have not read the books or seen the movies. So I cannot from experience say that they should be avoided. But I do know that the reason most people are attracted to this series seems to be one thing: sex appeal. Because of this, I do not think it would be in my best interest to follow the Twilight series. As young (and even older) Christian women devoted to living pure lives, I do not think watching or reading the Twilight saga is wise, or in our best interest.

"'Everything is permissible for me' -but not everything is beneficial."1 Corinthians 6:12

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Same Old Lie - by Kelly Crawford

Becoming Abigail appreciates the following article because we have witnessed first-hand the lies even our fellow Christians believe and have felt their deadly effects.  This is a great "wake-up" call to us all.
Name-calling, insults, slander–if you are a disciple of Christ, you have probably shared in some of His bad reputation. (They accused Jesus of being demon-possessed.)  In fact, the Bible says that you can be sure of it.
And should we be surprised at a culture who continues to be deceived by the very same lie Satan fed Eve in the garden?
Think about it…”Has God indeed said?” That was the deceiving question that stumbled all of humanity, and continues to today. “Does God’s Word really mean that?”
Eve thought it was a question worthy of consideration, and the offer Satan gave her was too delicious to resist. “You can become like God.” She fell for one thing…..POWER.
It’s the same thing that still draws us. “I can be strong on my own…doing my thing…interpreting truth to stroke my feelings.”

You can read this article in it's entirety at LAF http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/foundations-of-truth/the-same-old-lie/  You can also visit Kelly's Website at http://www.generationcedar.com/main/

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Canvas

 The Canvas

I shall not direct my own way
but rather follow what you say.

I shall not take the steps I choose
but rather the ones You want me to use.

My life does not belong to me
I am a canvas, this I see.

You are the author of my life
through all the good and all the strife.
I know my way is not my own
I lay my life before your throne.

I give up all I wish to do
and submit myself fully to You.

Use me according to Your plan,
this is my one and only demand.

Written by Brooke Reninger