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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Titus 2 Class Notes: Having a Biblical Worldview

It's here! The highly anticipated (maybe), long awaited Titus 2 Class notes! :) These are some of the notes that I took from the class, along with some of the teachers' notes. Obviously it's not as good as actually being in the class, but I hope that you enjoy them.

Date of class: June 12, 2010
Teacher: Brenda Reninger
Topic: Having a Biblical Worldview

Key verses for this topic: Romans 12:2, Colossians 2:6-8, Romans 1:18-23, Psalm 127:4, Proverbs 22:6.

Important points:
  • The class was about having a proper worldview and the importance of instilling that worldview in our children. Each student was given a sample worldview test, based on the Worldview Weekend Worldview Test. You can look into this further at: worldviewweekend.com. The Nehemiah Institute also offers similar tests.
  • Categories that make a worldview: Theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.
  • Worldview is defined as: "How I see the world."
  • The question was asked, "Why are all the young people leaving the church?" Answer for yourself, but we discussed how, perhaps, we are not instilling in them a truly biblical worldview.

Interesting quotes:
  • "Nothing is secular- you must look at everything as sacred."
  • "Look at the world through God, don't look at God through the world."
  • "Ideas rule the world. Ideas have consequences."

Some eye-opening statistics:
  • 70-88% of students from "Christian" homes deny their faith before graduation from college. (barna.org)
  • Only 9% of Evangelicals have a biblical worldview. (barna.org)
  • Instead of preparing their children for life, the vast majority of parents are waiting for social institutions to train their kids. (barna.org)
  • Only 9% of young people under age 24 base their moral choices on the Bible. (barna.org)
  • In 2006, 91% of Evangelical kids said, "There is no truth apart from myself"- that's up from 52% in 1994. (barna.org)
  • Only 33% of churched youth say the church will play a part in their lives when they leave home. (Josh McDowell, 2006)
  • In the 1970's only 5% of 15-year-old girls had sexual intercourse; by 1997 it was 38%. (Columbia University Report, 1997.)

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  1. Excellent notes. The quotes should be what we live by. Dh has taught the second over and over in his classes and still I think many don't "get" it. Thanks for posting this. This is life.