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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Same Old Lie - by Kelly Crawford

Becoming Abigail appreciates the following article because we have witnessed first-hand the lies even our fellow Christians believe and have felt their deadly effects.  This is a great "wake-up" call to us all.
Name-calling, insults, slander–if you are a disciple of Christ, you have probably shared in some of His bad reputation. (They accused Jesus of being demon-possessed.)  In fact, the Bible says that you can be sure of it.
And should we be surprised at a culture who continues to be deceived by the very same lie Satan fed Eve in the garden?
Think about it…”Has God indeed said?” That was the deceiving question that stumbled all of humanity, and continues to today. “Does God’s Word really mean that?”
Eve thought it was a question worthy of consideration, and the offer Satan gave her was too delicious to resist. “You can become like God.” She fell for one thing…..POWER.
It’s the same thing that still draws us. “I can be strong on my own…doing my thing…interpreting truth to stroke my feelings.”

You can read this article in it's entirety at LAF http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/foundations-of-truth/the-same-old-lie/  You can also visit Kelly's Website at http://www.generationcedar.com/main/

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