Ab·i·gail (b-gl): Joy Of The Father

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Love My Father

Fathers' day is only 3 days away. So of course, this is the time that most of us think of our fathers. I just want to say- I love my father! He is an amazing Christian man, and has taught me so much about God and living a godly life. I am so thankful for his guidance, involvement, and love in my life. I am thankful that he is committed to families, homeschooling, and serving the Lord. He truly does inspire me; his love is a wonderful reflection of the love my heavenly Father has for me. I hope that I can be his Abigail- his joy. I thank God for my father- I love you Daddy!
~ Brooke Reninger


  1. You have a wonderful father. I'm so thankful that I do too. Funny enough, my father became an elder this year too.