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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Grandmother's Legacy

Many of you know how I love to write poetry. A few years ago, I found out that my grandmother had also written poetry. I decided to share some of her poetry with you today, in a tribute to her. You see, she passed away last night after battling cancer.

My grandmother was a very talented woman. She was a wonderful cook and baker, and a talented seamstress. She passed these talents on to her daughters. She believed in the family. She came from a family of 13 children, and with the help of her husband, raised 7 children of her own.

My grandmother made a very special gift for each of her granddaughters. A bride doll, with a handmade dress and veil. (See attached picture.) I am her youngest granddaughter, and will be the last one to get married. I believe that my grandmother had a vision- a vision of a family for each of us, that we would each continue the family that she helped to start. I believe in her vision as well, and when God sends me my husband, I will remember her vision. I am thankful for the legacy that my grandmother passed down to her children and grandchildren- that of faith and family.
Brooke Reninger

Here is a poem that she wrote to her own mother:
Dear Mother

From your deep and peaceful sleep,
You climbed the stairs; Or Lord to meet.
And as they dressed you in a long white gown,
Just a soft sigh, but not a sound;
A tiny tear touches your face,
As they pin your wings in place.
And above your beautiful soft white hair,
A halo shines in all its glory there.
A glorious walk down that golden street,
Your husband and all your friends to meet.
To express your many joys and gladness.
No more sorrows, worries or sadness,
Where love, faith and hope is the key.
what a beautiful, wonderful place to be.
You take your chair on the righthand of the Lord.
"So children, look at me,
An angel, I am to be."
So cry no more and dry your tears,
For to me you shall come through the years;
So continue to have patience and strong love,
Someday we shall meet in our heaven above.

Your Loving Daughter,
Doris Ruth

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  1. That is a beautiful tribute and the poem your grandmother wrote is very sweet. Thank you for sharing this with us.